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I’m Jim Gallen, Managing Member of Big Hearted Homes LLC.  I would like to share my story of how this company came to be and why I decided on the name.  I was a Wall Street executive in NY for over 35 years and traveled the world. I loved it, but there was a lot of stress too.  In 2010, I had a massive heart attack. The kind that kills most people. It was a wakeup call and my second chance in life. But I could no longer keep up with that lifestyle.  I never completely recovered because of the extent of the damage my heart took. It took years for me to figure things out and to reinvent myself. When I discovered my passion for real estate investing, I decided this was my new calling and started my own company.  There are so many cutthroat, shady and unprofessional people in this business, so I wanted to do it right and my way. It’s always important for me to prove my trustworthiness to clients. I love people, I’m really good with people and am excellent in problem-solving. Sometimes clients bring me a house to sell that just doesn’t meet my criteria or theirs, but I’ll still spend time explaining their best options, giving professional advice that they may never get otherwise, for free of course. I like to consider my business a full-service business.  I’m always available to answer questions or explain things to people until we’re sure everyone is clear on how things work. I deal with all types of situations of sellers with the knowledge that each situation is different. Sometimes people selling their home find themselves in difficult situations and become emotional. Some examples of these situations are foreclosures, owning a burdensome property, or probate. I’ve found that I feel strongly about offering fair solutions and spend that extra time to help to show the light at the end of the tunnel.  Therein lies the name, Big Hearted Homes LLC, because I really do care!



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